Join Our Purrfect Team

Working at the Purrfect Day Cafe is an opportunity to work with a cause. Our Purrfect Team creates a unique experience for the community of visitors unlike anything in the area. Part of that experience is what each team member brings to the table.

Meet the Purrfect Day Leadership Team

Our team is bonded not only through our love of cats, but also in a mission to change the way homeless animals are adopted in America. Is there any better job than bringing a new creative concept to our home town, playing with cats all day, and making a difference to the homeless animal population?

Rosemary Cundiff-Brown

PDC Regional PURRector, Louisville Top Cat Manager

Rosemary Cundiff-Brown lives in the heart of the Highlands with her husband, Jonathan, who works in the field of Environmental Health and Safety. Together, they owned Monarch Photography LLC until retiring from the business in 2018. She also spent two decades teaching and coaching middle and high school students in drama and competitive public speaking, during which time she coached several National semifinalists, finalists, and champions. She’s been with Purrfect Day Café since she convinced Chuck to hire her back in April of 2018. In her spare time, Rosemary is a professional singer and actress. She enjoys attending the theatre, traveling, and cooking. Rosemary and Jonathan have a duo of furry feline family members, both with special needs—Sophie and Sydney.

Robert Mason

PDC Regional OPURRations Director, Louisville Top Cat Manager

Robert (Bobby) Mason and his wife, Lindsey, are the proud parents of seven fur babies (Toodles, Tsu’tey, Mystra, Bynx, Nimue, Tymora, and Eilistraee). He is a current foster with the Kentucky Humane Society (and ended up with two of his kids that way) and continues to be blown away that his job is to find homes for rescue cats. He came from working retail at Barnes and Noble for 14 years. In that time, he learned the many ways that the work done behind the scenes benefits the customer. He’s hopeful that his attention to detail prevents any CAT-astrophes and his ability to create an inviting atmosphere benefits the Purrfect Day Café and all the cats we hope to help!

We are always accepting applications for House Cats (even when not actively hiring) and Volunteers (training monthly).

Top Cats

Our Top Cats are our PDC managers and overall team leaders.  We need 2 – 3 Top Cats to manage the day-to-day vision of our cafe and its bigger purpose. A passion for cats/animals is a given, but our team leaders must also make sure that our patrons are having the time of their lives.  As a Top Cat, you will be in charge of our cats’ socialization, care, and adoption objectives.  You will be our bartender, social chairperson, barista, and culture leaders.  You will be the face of the PDC.  Skills we would love for our Top Cats to have are event-planning, operations/scheduling expertise, food/beverage/hospitality, and customer service experience, management, and natural leadership attributes.  Most importantly, we want someone who wants to advance within the company and help make this unique concept a reality far into the future.  Part-time.  Must be available days, nights, weekends, and holidays. Must be at least 18 years of age due to work at the PDC.

House Cats

Our House Cats are the welcome wagon and social directors of the Purrfect Day Cafe. Cat and animal obsessions are a given, but members of our team will educate and enhance the Purrfect Day experience by making sure our patrons are having the time of their lives!  We want all of our team members to love the mission we stand for as much as they love petting cats.  We need someone with a truly open schedule and lots of availability.  Skills such as public speaking, patience with children, and a paw-sitive attitude are incredibly helpful as well.  Experience in food service and hospitality are also a plus.  Most importantly, we want someone who wants to advance within the company and help make this unique concept a reality far into the future.   Position is part-time. Must be available days, nights, weekends, and holidays. 
Must be at least 18 years of age due to work at the PDC.

Volunteer caregivers

The PDC volunteers are our professional cat matchmakers and caregivers.  Cat and animal obsessions should be a given, but you will join our army of dependable volunteers who help match loving cats with new families and fulfill our adoption processes.  You must be good at memorizing cat names, be observant to cat personalities, and be willing to keep the kitty lounge in immaculate condition.  Essential skills are dependability with regular hours, social skills,  ability to work with people of all ages (including children), past volunteer experience, a sense of hospitality, and a giving, fun personality.  We are also looking for unique business skill sets to contribute to our vision.  What can you bring to the PDC?  Also must be able to bend, stoop, and complete lounge cleaning processes.  Part-time volunteer schedule, depending on how much time you want to give the PDC.  Days, nights and weekends.  Must be at least 18 years of age due to work at the PDC.