Become a Team Member


We’re currently hiring for the positions listed below.  If you would like to apply or volunteer we are always looking to build our Purrfect Team.

House Cats

Positions Filled, but Accepting Applications.

Cat and animal obsessions should be a given but this team will educate and the Purrfect Day experience by making sure our patrons are having the time of their life.  You are the welcome wagon and social king or queen of the Cafe.  We want this position to love the mission we stand for as much as they love petting cats.  We would love someone with an open schedule and lots of availability, wiling to work weekends and holidays.  People skills like public speaking, patience with children, and a polite positive attitude help.  Experience in bartending, server or barista work helps too.  Most importantly we want someone who wants to advance within the company and help make this unique concept a reality far into the future.  Position is part time.